Okay so my initial insight into blogging

Being that I’m big on video games (when I have the time), I find that I’m not un-used to putting my thoughts and feelings out there on the internet for more than just my facebook friends – that is – I’m used to posting on public forums where you register an account, and post on topics (threads) made by others(or made yourself).

Through my most frequently visited forum (Because I’m a global moderator there), I’ve also experimented with blogging for a while too, some of it is context specific to the what the forum is about (meaning many people wouldn’t understand some of it), some of it is more general.

As to the question of how blogging can be useful to me, I believe it can be useful just like any other social media platform can be. A blog to me, is a web space that you can populate with whatever you want the world to read.

It may be about yourself, and it may not be for any real purpose but to put your thoughts and feelings into words. It may be crafted and maintained with an intent to sell yourself to the world, and as such, potential partners and employees, but regardless of whether that is a contributing factor, whatever you decide to publish to the internet becomes a demonstration of who you are, your thoughts, feelings, opinions and abilities in terms of what you write about yourself doing and what people can infer from your writing ability.

To give an example of this, I searched through Sacha Chua’s blog and found an interesting blog post about an interview she gave answers to for a course on ‘Social Media Education’.

Her writing in this post shows not only her educated insight into issues regarding Enterprise and Web 2.0, but also demonstrating that she is also somewhat of an authority – seeing as inspiration for the post in the first place stemmed from being interviewed about the topic.

In the very same blog post she explains how she spreads awareness and builds a community around herself. Put simply, she doesn’t put too much emphasis on her personal brand, but rather, she lets what she does form the brand itself by writing insightfully in her own blog posts and in comments on others.

The important aspect, ‘findability’ stems from the same train of thinking, where it’s not about actively engineering oneself as being findable through specifically crafted tags, but rather, by being somebody who is worth finding and following in the first place.

RockTheJob’s youtube channel has some interesting viewing as well, giving tips on building your web presence, this video in particular I found particularly worth watching informed viewers about the best way to get targetted organisations or businesses to notice you, or at least get people to notice your cause – all through Web 2.0 mediums.

Enterprise 2.0 is clearly an important evolution in the way we conduct business activities and processes as well. A simple google search of ‘Enterprise 2.0 Blogging Tips’ rewarded me with a blog post with tips on increasing the rate of adoption of these platforms, located on a blog dedicated to tips on Enterprise 2.0 in general. Whilst another website I found contained a Blog Post regarding Boston’s Enterprise 2.0 Conference, with a number of interesting points about the subject highlighted throughout and picked out by the blogger.

Evidently establishing a web presence and taking advantage of digital work spaces is important in today’s age of computers. I myself have already experienced to some degree the effect it can have on both myself and other people, giving me pathways towards and helping me network with people such as the administrators of ‘www.lansmash.com’, a team that I’m now a member of, as well as helping run events at the Brisbane based ‘manabar’, and all of which in much the same way as Sacha has done before me – simply by being an active participant in those relevant online communities through which I am noticed and followed.


So blogging…

So I get how blogs work, at least kind of, but I’ve only ever really used them once on a forum I moderate called http://www.smashboards.com

I think I should be able to set this up to automatically update my blog there too, which would be kinda cool.

Well now that this is set up, I’m posting this message to test it out. Hopefully it turns out alright 🙂

Hello world!

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